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Ring Spinning Frame Machine FA538

Products Introduction

FA538 Ring Spinning Frame is a new machine designed and developed by Tongda Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd. Feeding a single simplex roving.it is suitable for spinning cotton. Synthetic fibers and their blends to produce weaving and knitting yarns. The spinning processes can be set by means of man-machine dialogues through a Touch Screen Panel and an interface or computer network is ready for expanding. The Autodoffer system can be an option for customer to make choice. High speed, high efficiency, good quality and good stability and reliability are it’s obviously outstanding characters. lt can be linked with Auto-conerto become a Ring-coner.

  • Hingher Performance Ring Spinning Machine Since 1952 From Tongda China
  • Lasted technology – Electric Cam System for lifting & Oil bath gear system for driving
  • High Speed & Low Power consumption
  • 16 Steap Inverter drive system
  • Machine Speed up to 19000-22000 RPM
  • Higher CSP & Low IPI
  • Efficiency up to 90-93%
  • Nos of Spindles: 516, 528, 612, 864, 960, 1008 & 1200
  • High Quality Procession & Fittings for Smoothly Operation with low Noisy