PT. Texmach Impex was founded in year 2000 by well known Industrialist Mr. Theo Polana at Bandung, textile city of Indonesia at West Java province.

We are one of the leading agents and traders of world leading textile machinery and accessory manufacturers. Further, we are export agents for some of the high quality spun yarn manufacturers based in Indonesia.

The parent company of PT. Texmach Impex is PT. Warna Permai Abadi which was founded in the year 1986 , later the name was changed to PT. Anugerah Kimia Mandirijaya. PT. AKM’s main business is dyestuff sales , agency and processing machinery trading.

Presently the company is headed by Mr. Eddy Gandasubrata , who has 5 decades of working experience in Europe, Brazil and Indonesia.

With three offices and efficient marketing set-up in major textile centers such as Jakarta , Bandung and Solo, we enjoy unique access to most of spinning companies in Indonesia.

Mr. Theo Polana, founder of the company, born in the city of Surabaya, Indonesia. After completed his textile engineering degree at Institut Teknologi Textil, Bandung in the year of 1964 , he joined in “Pabrik Tekstil BTN (Badan Tekstil Nasional)” and served as Manager –Dyeing & Printing until 1968.

Later, he identified himself more inclined towards sales/marketing, then he decided to join with Indonesian wing of Bayer AG, Germany “PT. Bayer Chemicals and Dyestuff Indonesia” as Technical Sales Manager. He served the company for 18 years.

With his vast experience of 22 years, he ventured his own company named PT. Warna Permai Abadi (WPA) in the year of 1986.

Major activities of PT. WPA was representing quality processing machinery makers to Indonesian factories & selling quality dyestuffs to yarn and fabric dyeing factories across Indonesia.

In 1996, PT. WPA became the authorized sole agent for Lakshmi Card Clothing, India and Lakshmi Machine Works, India and Lakshmi Ring Travellers (CBE) Limited for Indonesia.

In 2000, to keep Spinning Division as a individual profit center, he founded a new company PT. Texmach Impex. Now, Mr Theo Polana is most trusted business partner at Indonesia for more than dozen overseas textile manufacturers.

Mr. Eddy Gandasubrata – PT. Texmach Impex, born in Semarang, Indonesia completed his textile degree at HTS, Enschede, Holland from the year of 1949 – 1953. He had his non-formal institutional training at “NV Spanjaard” at Holland.

In 1954, he joined hands with “NV Ta Sin Textile Factory”, Bandung, Indonesia for five years. In 1959, he moved to PT. Laprissa, Indonesia as a factory manager. In the 1966, he courageously taken up new assignment of “Technical Sales Manager” for dyestuffs and texile auxiliaries at CIBA DO BRASIL SA, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In the year of 1967 – 1972, he worked at “MOINHO SANTISTA SA“, one of the modern textile factory at Brasil as a Manager. In the year 1972, on a special request from Hoechst AG, Germany, he taken up a new challenge as Technical Manager at PT. Hoechst Indonesia and based in Jakarta. After that in 1977 he taken up a new project at PT. Bintang Agung, Indonesia as a Technical and Production Director. He successfully directed the company for 16 years.

From 1994, he has taken up consultancy projects in textile factories like PT. BKM, PT. Surya Karya Pratama, etc. He is associated with PT. Texmach Impex from 2004. With his vast experience and efficient management, he is the main driving force for this company. Mr. Eddy is a bilingual man and he is fluent 5 different languages namely English, German, Dutch, Portuguese and Indonesian.