Dyeing & Finishing

Our fine selection of dyeing and finishing machines are able to produce best quality fabric with remarkable saving in energy and water consumption due to the utilization of eco-friendly and modern technology.

Our brand Sunwin devotes ourselves to provide highest quality Textile Finishing Machines with consistent improvement to the challenging demands for our valued clients since 2000. In recent years, domestic market grows up rapidly, it gives us chance to expand our market share and allows us to continuous upgrading our technology to fit the market requirement. By the effort of quality assurance and marketing promotion, Sunwin machines are not only running in China, but also running all around the world including Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Egypt and North Korea. Today’s textile is fast changing fashion. In order to catch the daily trend, the machine flexibility for different kinds of fabrics is necessary. We always tailor made machine for different user for different special fabric finishing such as silk fabric, surgical fabric, woolen fabric or fabric by special material.