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TZL – C36 Automatic Rewinder

TZL – C36 automatic rewinder is specially developed for yarn dyeing enterprises. It can rewind the loose yarn dyeing packages to the tight yarn dyeing packages and use for reproducing the clearing yarn packages and the dividing yarn packages for OE yarn packages. The machine is provided with advanced electronic technology, intelligently control the splicing circle and integrate electromechanical, instrument and air, so that it is a high level modern textile machinery according with the concept of energy saving and machine instead of human spreaded by state.

Technical Specifications:

Direction of Frame HeadRight or Left Hand
Frame Body6 or 8 Heads Per Section
Number of HeadsMax 60 Heads
MaterialsNatural fibers, Synthetic Fibers and Blended Spun Yarns
Yarn Count Range Nm 8.0 – Nm 203.2