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Proair Tumble Dryer

Working Principle
Proair series air soft tumble dryer is a new concept of tumbling finishing, which can provide various finishing result for different kinds of fabric. With special designed venturi tube and high efficiency blower motor. Proair can provide a high speed suspend and transport for fabric. With several times transporting, fabric will hit the stainless steel baffle repeatedly. Which help to achieve a high efficiency tumbling and drying result.
  • Fabric movement is driven air, very low tension
  • Airflow speed is much higher than fabric movement speed, the high speed air current can raise up the pile on the fabric surface by continuous blowing to back and front direction
  • All pile almost in same direction, good fabric appearance
  • Proair special designed upper and lower blower, upper blower responsible for fabric movement, lower blower create air cushion to ensure much more smooth fabric movement without friction and abrasion. Great avoid the chance of hairiness.