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Desizing, Scouring & Bleaching Range

It is applied to continuous open width desizing, scouring & bleaching process for fabrics of cotton, linen & their blenders by adopting chemical process to obtain clean surface, high capillary & whiteness which are qualified for further dyeing & printing process.
  • Brick structure design which is convenient for various process flows based on different fabrics
  • High efficiency pick up system is applied before entrance of steamer which can pad chemicals effectively & uniformly
  • Sufficient pre-steaming time in streamer ensures effective & even reaction of chemical on the fabrics
  • Logical heat insulation design effectively saves consumption of energy
Technical Parameter
Working width 1800-3600 mm
Running speed 15-120 Mtr/Min
Drive control PLC, Inverter AC Drive
Application scope of fabrics weight 100-450 g/m2
Fabrics feed in and delivery Open width on batch or in trolley