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Suntech industrial is one of the leading designers & manufacturers on texstile machines for weaving & finising units, especially for fabric inspection & make-up machines. over 40 years experience suntech industrial is now has its brand office in Kong Kong and branch selling office in Shao Xing (one of the biggest textile bases in china ). In addition, its factory is located in Ningbo city, Zhejiang province, mainland. As a member of china textile machinery association, suntech industrial always focuses on the quality and pursues for the best services!

Today, suntech industrial has become a significant name in textile machinery manufacturers’ fraternity due to its diverse product range that serves to the needs of the textile industry worldwide. Its scope of products includes :
* Stretch Wrapping Machines
* Automatic Fabric Roll Packing Machines
* Fabric Inspection Machines
* Fabric Rolling Machines/ Batching Machines
* Double Folding Machines
* Automatic Tube-Sewing Machines
* Loom Take-Up Machines
* Fabric Sample Cutting Machines
* Warp Beam Trollies
* Warp Yarn Knotting Machines
* Spare Parts For Textile Machines

What’s more, it has the capability to design every unique machine to satisfy its customers’ special requirements.
Suntech industrial’s global vision and ambition has not limited its success and growth in the domestic market. It successfully caters to the custumers from Italy, India, France, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Israel, Syria, Egypt, South Africa, India, Fakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Dubai, Mauritius, Hongkong.



SIMTA : is a vibrant player in the textile industry for almost two decades. Innovation and reliability have been our strength that has backed SIMTA over the years. Our ideas have been acknowledged for their uniqueness and the commitment to deliver the best to our customers across the continents has earned a distinct reputation.

Technical collaboration with the undisputed world leader in overhead traveling cleaner technology of M/s. C-port JACOBI Gmbh, Germany has reinforced the image of SIMTA as a quality conscious manufacturer. and further strengthened our commitment to quality. More than 2,00,000 units (OHTC’S) for the spinning and weaving application across the continents are a testimony to its technological superiority.

Our products are well accepted in the India as well as in European market and more than 40% of our group production is exported to over 50 countries across the globe.


SIMTA JACOBI OHTC units are designed to meet the futuristic requirements of the industry and our product range includes TRAVELLING CLEANERS for speed frames, ring spinning frames , auto & manual winders, doubling machines, open end spinning machines, warping twisting machines, Chenille Machines, end wall cleanning and weaving machines.

SIMTA- JACOBI OHTC’S are the signed, developed tested & trusted for every application be it spinning or weaving, straight or curved path, its range has just right product for cleaning solution.

POWER DUCT Bus Bar System : for single and group of machines
CHAIN DRIVE System : For single machine
BELT DRIVE system : For single machine



* Integrated systems for the treatment of technological and environmental air
* General Air-Conditioning of the environmental
* Direct Air-Conditioning to the production machines
* Technological Air-Balancing systems with adiabatic system for the incoming air
* Quench treatment with reduced running cost
* Automatic ventilation and suction systems on needle punch plates
* Insulated and conditioned cabins for production lines
* Dynamic pre-filtering, filtering and micro-filtering systems for cellulose pulp
* Automatic recovery of production wastes

* Considerable running cost reduction
* Great energy savings
* Better quality of th production
* Heating recovery
* Increase of productivity
* Comfortable ambient
* Sound proofing solutions to reduce sound pollution up to 25 dbA according to the working frequencies.