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Multi Roller Mounting Machine

  • Adjustable main frame assembly
  • Rollers are seated on “V” block and hence no separate bearing blocks required
  • Inventor driving system with remote control
  • Tensioning device with dressing and prebending rollers
  • Any roller upto 20” diameter and upto a length of 1600 mm can be mounted, off the card
  • Can be utilized for mounting of: – Cylinder and doffer of all make of cards (40” and 60” width) – Lickerin rollers (gloved & interlocking type) – Blowroom beaters (grooved & interlocking type) – Feed rollers, stripper rollers and stripping fillets – Detachable drive unit
  • Motor rating: 1.5. hp, 1400 rpm
  • Effective working width: 1600 mm