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Uni Eco-Dye

Special Features:
  • Newly developed heating core inside the machine to lower the liquor ratio
  • PREDRY function to shorten the process time
  • Smart rinsing process to save water
  • Flexible loading
  • Ultra-low liquor ratio, starts at 1:4
Technical Details:
  • All liquor-carrying parts are made of stainless steels 316L
  • Liquor ratio 1:4-1:6
  • Max. working pressure: 0.44Mpa
  • Max. working temperature: 140℃
  • Heating rate: 20~130℃ about 30 minutes (Saturated steam pressure 0.7Mpa)
  • Cooling rate: 130~80℃ about 20 minutes (cooling water pressure 0.3Mpa)
  • Standard spindle dia. is ø48mm
  • Standard package size is ø165mm, height 160mm, weight is calculated as 1 kg per cone
  • Intelligence control system, step-less flow control: Adjust the pressure between the inner and outer layer automatically
  • Various kinds of carriers (fiber, package, beam)
  • Hot temperature drain
  • Progressive dosing system
  • Accessories (cone, intermediate gasket and self-falling locker)
  • Unloading device
  • Hot water stock tank, preparation of the complete process bath
  • Second service tank